JMC Upholstery

Upholstery Services

How to know which service is best for You !


This service is aimed at upholstered furniture items that remain structurally sound and may only require an aesthetic make over. In some cases this may also include the replacement of padding if needed. 

Overall it means you are happy with the way it currently feels but need new fabric or leather etc. 


Wether the item is big or small the detail within the structural procedure follows a series of labour intensive stages which will include; 

-Striping back any old and unnecessary materials 

- Rebuilding platforms with springs, webbing, foam or perhaps traditional materials such as coconut fibre and cotton. 

In most cases depending on the weight of the fabric, we may also include an initial covering with calico for extra strength. 


We understand small changes make a big difference and this also applies to furniture and the way we use them. JMC Upholstery gives you the opportunity to make modifications you wouldn't otherwise.  

Fabric Protection

Yes! Scotchgard® Protector, combined with proper care and cleaning, will make a big difference in retaining your carpet and upholstery’s beauty over many years of regular use.

Upholstery cleaning 

You may also determine that your upholstered furniture only requires a good clean and if this is the case then we can also help. 


Our design services include; 

-Concept design and development 

- Furniture planning, layout , sourcing and supply

-Interior & Exterior colour schemes 

- Wallpaper & installation 

-Fabric sourcing and supply 

- Soft furnishing & Lighting selections